It’s a family affair.

Philoxenia Meteora Hotel is a family business, echoing a deep commitment to a better and greener future. In our Evergreen Oasis, traditional local architecture, reinterpreted with a modern vocabulary and its harmonious coexistence with nature through the implementation of sustainable solutions .

We use eco-friendly materials instead of plastic, a salt water electrolysis system ensures hotel pools disinfection while solar water heaters produce plenty of hot water.


Energy Saving

Conserving energy is of the utmost importance at Philoxenia Meteora  where LED light bulbs are utilised across the property, function with motion sensors in public areas and ensure adequate lighting when necessary. Hotel equipment and appliances function in energy-saving for optimised conservation while solar panel installation , result in the use of 100% sustainable energy .

Conservation & Preservation

Eco-friendly cleaning products and recycled toilet paper are used throughout Philoxenia Meteora , ensuring housekeeping procedures are in line with the hotel’s sustainable character. In order to conserve water and avoid unnecessary waste, bed linens and towels are changed upon guests’ request.